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Jessica is a top Foreigner Russian model

Jessica is a killer girl who is captivating and enriching Jessica is a top Russian model who loves to have chocolates she was born in Moscow in Russia and grew up there only in Europe in the biggest country in the world she loved her stint as a model and said that it was very difficult in the beginning to make it to the ramp but once she made it she found it easy to do modeling and to learn the basics of the walk on the shows and how it is working with different fashion designers she works as Foreigner Russian Escorts in Chandigarh she loved the whole experience and got to wear beautiful dresses and she found that she is quite impressive as a model she gained a lot of experience at Paris when she went there along with other Russian models and loved that she was given many compliments for the long dresses she wore and found out that she can enjoy life as an escort as well while still doing modeling she liked that she can enjoy both professions at the same time she is a lovely exotic amazing gorgeous girl who is very exciting as a model on the ramp.

Red hot Ruby wants to share her story

Hello, I am Ruby and I would like to tell you how I came to India and what I did before that I was born in Punjab and then I moved to india when I was 18 because I am originally from india both my parents are from india but they were living in Punjab at the time I was born Right now I work as Celebrity Escorts Service in Chandigarh they told me all about india and I found out everything about it before moving there I loved the country once

I was in it and I found out the foods they eat and the clothes they wear everything about it I loved everything about it and decided to move there it was very different from Punjab and I asked my parents also to move to india I like India as well but the best time of my life was when I was in my country india and my parents are now living there I resemble the people there and not the people of Punjab naturally although both countries are nearby India is a big country and I love the town Chandigarh I love being here and enjoy the time I spend here I love the work I do as well I like to have a lot of happiness and peace in my life.

Gorgeous girl Veronica is a tale in herself

Veronica is a beautiful romantic Russian girl who loves to take care of herself and she is a very interesting person who loves to express herself and she is an elegant beauty who loves to dance and sing as a child she was very active and played many sports she has a great taste when it comes to clothes and gets many designer clothes from different places like London and Paris she loves to explore a body with full attention and she is a mesmerizing beauty who loves crafts and art of all kinds she craves adventure in life and is a soft delicious girl she went to Italy when she was 15 and still remembers the experience she cherishes every moment of her life and lives her life to the fullest she likes to have Indian sweets and pickles she likes to meditate she is a caring kind person and has 2 sisters she can be a wild crazy person she is a priceless jewel for her parents she loves to be the adorable girl her parents have brought her up as and she likes to dress up for parties. Gorgeous girl Veronica is a tale in herself.

Zara is an educated exciting woman

Zara is a gorgeous woman who is very educated and loved to study in France and she was born in Russia she went to France for her studies after finishing her school she works with Foreigner Russian Escorts Service in Chandigarh .she is a beautiful pretty exciting woman who loves to have great fun nights and lives her life the way she wants to she liked being in France as a student the big country was too beautiful for her and she felt awed and visited Paris many times while staying there she wore pretty dresses she is a white girl who loves to apply red lip gloss she has chestnut blonde hair which are very curly and she finds it easy to manage by using wide toothed comb she loves to have pistachios and almonds she has traveled all over Russia and France she loves to eat pineapples and her favorite fruit is peach she loves to have lemonade and her favorite beverage is beer which she likes very chilled.Zara is an educated exciting woman


Angel a classic beauty and is very feminine

Lets tell you about Angel who is quite gorgeous and she is Russian a very hot beauty her eyes are blue and her lips are soft as butter she is a superwoman she is an exciting Foreigner Russian Call Girls in Chandigarh she loves to use shiny glittery eye make up such as eye shadows she is a seductive beauty who is super busty and greatly romantic she is cherished for being super feminine she is extremely beautiful and her classic beauty is celebrated all over the world she likes everything pink and eats candy bars her height is 5’8” and her weight is 65 kgs she is super delicious and possesses

lustrous hair and her fiery red hair adds great color to her peaches and cream complexion she loves to talk about herself and she is a true unique beautiful creative woman she is a sublime ultra gorgeous delicate woman she can be very possessive about the things she owns and she drives a sports car she likes going to forests for green trees and likes to romance new boys every day. Angel a classic beauty and is very feminine.

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